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What You Ought to Know About Land Sizes in Nigeria – Plots, Acres & Hectares

So that you’ve been studying Nigerian property commercials the place costs like “7million naira per sq. meter” are quoted and you may’t assist however marvel simply how giant is a plot of land in sq. meters? How does a plot evaluate to an acre? What’s the distinction between an Acre and a Hectare of land?

The primary query you ask your agent or developer is ‘What’s the measurement of the plot?’


In Nigeria right this moment, there are two requirements of measurement used – the imperial (Toes; Acres) and the metric (Metres; Hectares). Your viewers determines what items you’ll focus on with them. Artisans, omo oniles and tradesmen perceive the imperial system (inches and toes) whereas professionals and extremely lettered folks are inclined to converse within the S.I items (mm, cm, meters). These measurements are dynamic as they are often affected by a number of components starting from environmental to human components.


Requirements and Measurements


A plot is an arbitrary time period used to explain a land division made in a selected space by the builders or authorities for the aim of constructing or farming.

In line with Nigeria’s land division, 50 x 100ft is the suitable measurement for a plot of land appropriate a home building that may accommodate a normal home with a small compound. This measurement can fluctuate for various causes.

For a greater understanding of Land divisions utilized in Nigeria, contemplate the totally different items of measurements used as follows:


Hectares (ha)

A hectare, measuring 100m x 100m Or 328ft x 328ft Or 10,000sqm,  is the least recognized metric unit. It’s about two and a half acres consisting of 15 plots. Potential consumers and Property builders usually instances are at loggerheads on what the unit ought to be.


An acre, virtually the equal of a normal soccer subject,  is the usual unit of measurement popularly utilized by land sellers. It’s the product of any rectangular plot of land giving a complete of 4,046sqm Or 43,560sq ft. An acre consists of 6 plots every measuring 60 x 120ft.  One Acre is roughly 40% of a hectare.

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Variations in Measurements

Land location, possession, and circumstances resulting in a transaction have been the main components for the variations in measurements seen in land sizes in Nigeria.

Initially, plots have been roughly 1000sqm however as costs for land went up you get the identical quote per plot however this may be 400sqm or much less in authorities reserved areas in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna and few different states.

New layouts in Calabar provide as much as 1,100sqm for business plots.

For locations within the core Niger-Delta the place land points are very sensitive, you’d be fortunate to get something above 450 sqm.

After all there are states that partition with 60′ x 100, 60′ x 120, 80′ x 120 and so forth. Usually a nook piece will get extra width.

In Lagos State, the usual measurement of a plot is 60 x 120ft (18m x 36m i.e. 648sqm), whereas in another cities of the nation, plots are measured in 50 x100ft.

A constructing that may match right into a 50′ x 100′ plot of land in Benin may not be allowed in say Delta or Lagos State as a result of they want longer setbacks (6m) from the highway. Lekki wants 9m!

In Edo State and Port-Harcourt, the usual measurement is 50ft x 100ft.

In Abuja, plots allotted by the FCTA come in several sizes and you can not say a plot of land in Abuja is all the time 60′ X 120′.

It’s normal language and half-informed professionals that use plot loosely to imply any delineated parcel of land. However so far as actual property is anxious the above holds true. Something greater is the surveyor wounding vendor, something much less is wounding the client.


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Land Sizes and Buy Concerns in Nigeria

As a consequence of variations in measurement, a plot may be 648Sqm or 850Sqm or 1,200Sqm. One ought to all the time make it prime precedence to ask the land vendor what the dimensions of the plot on the market is in Sq. Metres earlier than continuing with any transaction.

You will need to take heed to the form of the piece to be bought in order to not purchase a slanted/ Inclined one. The extra sq. in form, the higher the use.

There are authorities gazettes for sure areas so purchase land solely by way of a lawyer. It’s suggested is to purchase land in an property, to keep away from some Authorities and indigenes [omo-nile] points.

For plots that will not be rectangular, it’s essential to take the floor space of the plot. Both you do your measurements from the map of the world bodily otherwise you get the precise dimensions from the plan, all the time be certain the values are identical with what the vendor presents you. It’s suggested to measure the land as towards to taking the face worth from the vendor.

So when shopping for land, go to the place, take a tape measure and decide the floor space of Sq. meters then divide by 10,000 to know whether or not what’s indicated on the title deed/Certificates of the lease is right (Normally seems in Ha.)

On legality and paperwork; if it’s a Certificates of Lease versus Title Deed for freehold land, test what number of years are remaining on the lease earlier than committing your cash, mortgage firms are very specific on this one.

The situation also needs to be thought-about. Normally, entry highway tends to cut back the general obtainable land space.

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Land Measurement By Professionals

The first strategies used for land measurement by surveyors are the theodolite, complete station, and RTK GPS survey. There have been some ranges of enchancment in distant sensing and satellite tv for pc imagery making it cheaper and permitting for extra use generally. Three-dimensional (3D) scanning and use of lidar for topographical surveys are new technological enhancements skilled on this subject.

The main skilled physique within the Nigerian actual property business that coordinates the affairs and dealings of Surveyors in Nigeria is NIESV (Nigerian Establishment of Property Surveyors and Valuers).


A surveying skilled known as a surveyor. Surveyors work with parts of arithmetic (geometry and trigonometry), physics, engineering and the regulation. They use tools like complete stations, robotic complete stations, GPS receivers, prisms, 3D scanners, radios, handheld tablets, digital ranges, and surveying software program.

In Nigeria, the ministry was previously referred to as Federal Ministry of Works and Surveys, which has since remodeled to Federal Ministry of Works and Housing and later turned Federal Ministry of Works.

As a possible purchaser, it is best to needless to say in any city planning atmosphere, plots are made up of various sizes to permit for several types of use both residential or business.

Additionally, land sizes in Nigeria are inclined to fluctuate relying on the state it’s situated. Regardless of the measurement, it’s higher to have extra plots of land than extra numbers of automobiles or jeeps in Nigeria. Sharp accuracies in meters and the necessity for perfection shouldn’t be the explanation for lacking a well-located land.


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