Often, the key to a successful sale of your Property is getting an accurate valuation in the first place. It is thus very important to make sure that your property is advertised at the right price from the moment it hits the market.
Why not allow Accryda help you Find out the current value of your home and discover how to get the most value from it.

Our Partner valuation Firms are experts with local knowledge and years of experience,who ensure you receive an accurate and honest valuation of your property.

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What you get from our Valuation services

Accurate valuation before the listing of your Property. This ensures you get good returns on your property and also prevents your Property from staying too long on the market

External Financing – Mortgages

Professional services that assist in determining the value of a Borrower’s collateral to enable you take advantage of the full value of your asset


Advisory services prior to sealing of insurance contract concerning your property. We help in the determination of figure to be forwarded as the insurance sum. This forms the basis of calculation of the premium to be paid and the limit of claims

Compulsory Acquisitions and Compensation

We undertake valuations for compensation in the event of compulsory acquisition by the Government or injurious damage to landed assets

Mergers, Acquisitions & Preparation Of Companies Prospectus

Professional Valuers are an essential ingredient in mergers and acquisitions. Working with our valuation Partners, we help facilitate a hitch-free transaction by enabling the companies approach the negotiating table with a concise inventory and valuation of their assets

Property Ratings

Working with our valuation Partners, we will help States and Local Governments prepare a comprehensive property-rating (valuation list) list comprising all their rateable properties. We also assist companies and private individuals who have problems with the rating authorities as regards the rateable value of their assets and rates payable.

Balance Sheet/Annual Accounts

Often times, most organizations do not know the exact worth of their assets. What is relied upon is the “historic” cost of acquisition of the assets depreciated along the line over the years. A professional valuation of the companies/organizations assets will put the Board and management in the right perspective, allowing them take note of their appreciated assets.

Consequently, steps can be taken to dispose off or deal more efficiently with those assets that are wasting or under-utilizing their sites. We, along with our valuation Partners are always at hand to help organizations swim through this unfamiliar waters safely

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