Thanks for your interest in advertising on Accryda!

Accryda runs a Targeted Ad Platform with adverts opportunities in various Ad spots. It also offers you the opportunity to streamline adverts, based on your pocket by choosing either the Single spot (where your adverts alone are displayed) or the shared spot (where you share advert space with another advertiser) at a lowered cost.

To place ads on Accryda, the first step is to get your ad banner designed by a good graphic designer. Your ad banner must meet the dimensions of your chosen ad spot. Dimensions are stated beside the Name of the Ad Banner Spot below. We can equally design your Ad for you but you will be billed for it.
After your ad is ready, kindly pls contact us via Whatsapp on 09024663815 or via our email, [email protected] . Our system is extremely simple by design.

Ad payments are to be made by cash or transfer to the following account details:

Accryda Associates
Polaris Bank
Acct No: 1771308459

We look forward to doing business with you!

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